by trading virtual Russian stocks.

Buy and short without benefiting Russian shareholders. Invest directly through our USDC trading pool and 100% of proceeds will go to Ukrainian relief.

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Sberbank of Russia
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Rosneft Oil Company
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Russian stocks should be available to everyone. No one should be arbitrarily deprived of the right to own property. Sanctions are meant to target aggressors, not to strip regular people of their unalienable rights. And it's our duty to help Ukraine protect their rights to life, liberty & property.

Built on powerful, decentralized technology.


Leverage trading


Trade stocks on weekends

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Short sell any market

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Invest fractional amounts


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Super low gas fees

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Universal crypto wallet support

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Invest with MATIC or USDC


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Advanced data filtering and anomaly detection

How does it work?

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Invest with USDC tokens

Go long or short any virtual Russian stock. You get back shares in the collective investment pool, proportional to the size of your trade. These shares reflect your new position.

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Track your share of the pool

As your investment goes up or down, your share of the pool also changes. This is also true for every trader in the pool. So how much your shares are worth depend on your investment minus the average return of the pool.

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Exit the trade & collect your gains

Once you close your position, your shares are converted back into USDC. If your trade performed better than the pool average, you profit and earn more USDC.

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Pool fees go to Ukrainian relief

We collect a small percent of the pool funds daily. All of these proceeds go directly to organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees. This is fully transparent on the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering Russian stocks?

Partly because no one else can, our approach provides zero benefit to kleptocratic shareholders and zero benefit to the Russian economy. These stocks have become forbidden and "uninvestable" around the world. With just a data feed, Arena can generate a virtual market for anyone to invest in. Virtual markets are perfectly liquid, easy to short, and don't affect the underlying stock. It puts the financial power back in the hands of users. You can learn more about our approach to democratizing finance in the manifesto.

Are these real stocks?

No, they’re virtual markets. You get the same returns as trading the stock, but you’re not a shareholder and the underlying stock is neither bought nor sold. In fact, there is no exchange and no counterparties involved since the protocol doesn't need to match buyers and sellers. Check the Morpher Whitepaper for more info on the protocol that powers Arena.

Where will the donations go?

We’re still exploring a few organizations that are doing amazing work in Ukraine. Our current frontrunner is Save the Children. We hope to announce the final selection before launch. Please join us in donating crypto (or fiat) to these amazing organizations.

Do my trading returns also go to Ukraine?

No, your gains are yours to keep. Once your trade is closed, the funds are in your own wallet. But we strongly encourage you to join us in giving.

How does Arena make money?

A small, fixed percent of the total investment pool is collected daily. To do this, we generate new pool shares which slightly dilutes everyone's share. So while the fee is a tiny percent of the pool, the larger the pool, the more USDC is collected. We’re committing 100% of these funds to supporting Ukrainian refugees. Everything from pool share generation to the final donation will be trackable and transparent on Polygon & Ethereum.

Why is it called Arena?

You’re entering a zero-sum trading competition. As long as your trades are better than the average, you’ll generate profits. Your raw returns could even be negative, but if the average is worse you’ll still profit. So we decided on Arena: many may enter, only the best will prevail.

Keep in mind, the regular world of investing also comes with competitive dynamics. For example inflation, every investment account is hoping to generate returns net of currency inflation. Or the $60 trillion asset management industry. All of these funds are judged against the S&P 500 and must outperform it.

How is this different from the Morpher trading app?

Arena is a standalone project that uses the same trusted and proven trading protocol. Here are some things that are unique to Arena:

  • Trades are denominated & settled in USDC (stablecoin)

  • Returns are zero-sum

  • No account required (permissionless)

  • Runs on Polygon PoS

  • MATIC required for gas fees, USDC required for trading

  • Only Russian stocks supported right now

If you want to trade Bitcoin, Tesla, gold, and 800+ markets with shorting and leverage - use the Morpher App.

Trade forbidden markets for a good cause.

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